Tokyo Disneyland Explores New Waters with ‘Jungle Cruise’ Revamp

One of the most beloved attractions at our parks around the world is the Jungle Cruise. A fan favorite since the original opened at Disneyland in 1955, each trip down the world’s most famous rivers offers excitement and humor – and now, guests at Tokyo Disneyland are in for a special treat. Tokyo Disney Resort recently announced that the Jungle Cruise will undergo a wild transformation in 2014, with new lighting and show effects, an exclusive musical soundtrack, and a special after-dark “night cruise” for a unique take on this classic attraction.

Inspired by Disney’s award-winning True-Life Adventure films, the original attraction has evolved into an exciting and lighthearted journey, infused in the 1960s with drama and humor by one of Walt’s most celebrated animators, Marc Davis. Travelers venture down the Mekong River, the Nile, the Amazon, and to the African Congo, guided by an intrepid skipper – known just as much for bravery as for quick wit.

The attraction is a true international hit too – the Jungle Cruise at Hong Kong Disneyland even offers tours in English, Mandarin and Cantonese so that guests can experience their skipper’s narration in their preferred language. There are also a few supernatural thrills in store as Tokyo Disneyland cruisers encounter animal spirit guardians in the ruins of a lost jungle temple.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or it’s your first time down the river, the mysteries of the jungle are sure to mesmerize. We’re looking forward to what new wonders await when this attraction reopens in fall 2014!