The Walt Disney Company Healthy Cleaning Policy

Building on a more than 50 year legacy of environmental stewardship, The Walt Disney Company Healthy Cleaning Policy is the outcome of several years of work by our parks and resorts and environmental affairs teams, together with well-respected third-party leaders and scientists in the environmental space, to develop a protocol that balances environmental and safety concerns.

PHILOSOPHY: At Disney parks, resorts, offices and other workplaces, the health and safety of our guests, cast members and employees are matters of constant concern, as is the protection of the environment and our natural resources. We recognize our responsibility to promote safe, clean and hygienic environments for all of our constituencies. These concerns guide us whenever we are considering and choosing cleaning and maintenance products and practices, seeking environmentally positive solutions that do not compromise our standards of cleanliness, health and safety.

APPROACH: When selecting cleaning products, Disney’s primary goal is protecting the health and safety of guests, cast members and employees. In pursuing this goal, we strive to minimize environmental impact, taking into account:

  • Safety and toxicity;
  • Effectiveness of cleaning;
  • Efficiency in cleaning, and
  • Environmentally preferred packaging.

Disney has implemented an ongoing review and improvement process to address our overall chemical use in cleaning and sanitizing. This process enables our healthy cleaning program to go beyond regulatory requirements as we work systematically to identify and use chemicals that both protect health and embody desirable environmental properties. Prior to the use of significant chemical cleaning products, we work with health, safety and environmental professionals to review alternatives.

USE: Our first priority must be making sure both cleaning practices and products are efficient and effective in protecting our huge volumes of visitors and employees from sanitary hazards. Among these products, we aim to select those that have favorable properties. We are committed to:

  • Using products in a safe manner;
  • Training employees in the appropriate use of these products;
  • Ensuring products are in compliance (at a minimum), with local, state or national health, safety and environmental regulations;
  • Taking a precautionary approach in our use of cleaning products;
  • Minimizing the amount of chemicals required to accomplish each task, and
  • Encouraging our suppliers to develop innovative products that will meet our cleanliness, health, and safety goals in ways that are least harmful to the environment.