International Roundup: Germany, Italy, France and UK

When you think of traveling, you might picture yourself on a runway ready to take flight. Today we’re taking you on a trip to Europe, but our journey starts with a different kind of runway—a fashion runway.

First stop: Germany. In July, Mickey and Minnie paid a visit to Berlin where they did a little hobnobbing with the press at the Soho House Hotel during Berlin Fashion Week. The duo was on hand to show off a new line of fashionable products, including Plomo o Plata scarfsGogoPhilip jewelry and a new T-shirt collection by CELEBRITI. A favorite attraction—for both press and pedestrians—was a Minnie Mouse-branded Mini Cooper parked at the entrance to the Soho House. The day proved to be quite fashionable. Or as they’d say in Germany, mode!

Heading to Italy, the cast of the popular Disney Channel TV series Violetta made a special appearance at the Piazza Duomo in Milan to promote the show’s second season. More than 5,000 fans gathered to see the Disney stars. In partnership with publishing group Mondadori, 1,000 fans got to meet the cast at the Disney Store in Milan. Violetta is unique in that it’s part of Disney’s strategy to develop locally produced content abroad. Click here to learn more about the show.

Next stop: France, where the Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary celebration was extended through summer. As a result, Disney Dreams!—a show featuring lasers, fountains, projection and pyrotechnics—now includes scenes from Brave and The Lion King. In choosing which films to feature, show creators turned to Facebook where fans weighed in on the final decision. In addition, guests can now purchase Disney Light’Ears, Mickey ears that change color in sync with the show. The technology-driven experience won a Brass Ring Award from the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions when it was first introduced at Disney California Adventure park.

Our final stop is the UK, where Club Penguin sponsored the Child Internet Safety Summit, that brought together media and educators dedicated to protecting young people online. Club Penguin’s Lucy Woodward took part in a panel discussion and delivered the keynote speech, sharing the successes and challenges of developing and maintaining a huge online community and global franchise. Disney’s participation is part of an ongoing commitment to being the safest place on the Internet for kids.