Exclusive Look into Club Penguin’s ‘Star Wars’ Takeover Event

Just last week, Disney Interactive launched the all-new Club Penguin Star Wars™ Takeover event! I had the chance to sit down with Adam Semeniuk, one of the producers behind Club Penguin’s most epic and anticipated in-world party ever. Check out what Adam had to say about the Jedi wardrobe, lightsabers and Darth Herbert in this galactic adventure that already has proven to be out of this world during its debut weekend!


What can Club Penguin users expect when they log onto the Star Wars Takeover event?
This is the biggest online event we’ve ever created. This party has a 3D trailer, three new mini-games, 18 decorated rooms, an in-world duelling system with real lightsabers and more items than you can shake a hydrospanner at. It’s going to take our fans to a galaxy far, far away for a thrilling three-week adventure.

How did you decide to do a Star Wars Takeover party?
Everybody on the team is such a huge fan of Star Wars, it’s been something we’ve been wanting to do forever. The timing was right, the audience was asking for it, and hopefully everybody can see how much effort and passion we poured into this event.

Can you talk about connecting the origins of Club Penguin with legacy of Star Wars?
Star Wars actually fit with Club Penguin very naturally. It’s a real event for penguins and the Death Star approaching the island was a great way to connect the two worlds. As for theStar Wars characters, they translated easily to Club Penguin and really made for a fun parody. Working with Lucasfilm was amazing; they were totally on board with making this as enjoyable for the audience as possible. Also, they helped us make sure there were some extra details added for all those hardcore fans of the brand.

What characters from the film can fans look forward to?

We’ve parodied Princess Leia as Princess Cadence, Obi-Wan Kenobi is appearing as Obi-Wan Sensei and some lucky players will be able to meet Darth Herbert face to face as Darth Vader. Of course, there are a ton of costumes from the first movie for members to pick up such as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C3P0 and Stormtroopers!

What makes this party different from previous cinematic Club Penguin celebrations?
This party has lightsabers! Well, actually, there’s other stuff too, it’s definitely the biggest one we’ve ever made and it’s as close to the film as we could get. Our goal was to make it a genuine representation of “A New Hope” and a party that the kids would never forget… but seriously, the lightsabers.