Disney Publishes Targets to Track Citizenship Performance

Burbank, CA, March 29, 2012 — Disney today published a series of time-bound, measurable targets to track its citizenship performance.

The targets, available online at www.disney.com/citizenship, cover all aspects of citizenship within Disney, including efforts to:

  • Minimize Disney’s environmental footprint
  • Foster safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces, wherever Disney does business
  • Create opportunities for kids and families to help people and the planet
  • Utilize strategic philanthropy to make a lasting, positive change in communities around the world
  • Partner with parents in their quest to raise healthy kids

To ensure that its citizenship targets reflect the perspective of external stakeholders, Disney engaged in a series of conversations convened and facilitated by Ceres.

The targets are an extension of Disney’s citizenship commitments and goals, which were defined and published in 2010. Disney will release annual updates on its performance against these targets via its Citizenship Report.