Bob And Harvey Weinstein Have Acquired All Rights To The Film “Fahrenheit 911” From Miramax Film Corporation

New York, (May 28, 2004) – Bob and Harvey Weinstein, through The Fellowship Adventure Group, a new special-purpose company, have personally acquired all rights to the film “Fahrenheit 911” from Miramax Film Corporation and have paid Miramax for all costs of the film to date; they will also be responsible for all costs to finish the film and all marketing costs not paid by the film’s distributors. Under the agreement, the Weinsteins will arrange for worldwide distribution for the film in all windows, including theatrical and home entertainment. The Weinsteins will secure distribution through third parties or may distribute the movie personally in certain markets.

The Weinsteins will continue to use the Wild Bunch, the Paris-based sales agent, for negotiating international distribution arrangements. Wild Bunch has already put several international distribution deals in place.

Any monetary benefit to Miramax or its parent company, The Walt Disney Company, as a result of the film’s distribution will be donated to charity.