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November 20, 2014

A Celebration of Disney Trains

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
As The Walt Disney Family Museum unveils its new exhibit "All Aboard: A Celebration of Walt’s Trains," we look back at some rarely seen photos and a very special moment in Disney train history.
October 7, 2014

'Sleeping Beauty' Released from the Disney Vault

By Janelle Tipton, The Walt Disney Studios
It’s a dreamy day for Sleeping Beauty fans with new home entertainment and music releases now available in celebration of the animated classic’s 55th anniversary! Adapted from Charles Perrault’s 17th-century version of the fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty was an incredible undertaking that stands the test of time. Three hundred animators and artists spent six years making the film and generated nearly one million drawings and other pieces of art in the process. Its production design and artistry continue to be admired today, and it also spawned, in this writer’s opinion, one of the most memorable villains in movie history. (You know who I’m talking about, but as we discovered in this summer’s Maleficent, maybe she isn’t so villainous after all.)
October 1, 2014

A Look Inside the Walt Disney Archives' New Exhibit on the Studio Lot

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
Earlier this year the Walt Disney Archives, located on the Disney Studio Lot, received a small refresh of their on-site exhibit spaces to showcase even more interesting and unique items from Disney history, pieces that have been rarely seen since they were used on set or elsewhere. Disney Archivist Kevin Kern recently provided a brief virtual tour of the latest displays on WaltDisneyArchives.com. One of the newest (and coolest!) additions is the Archives’ recreation of a Disney animator’s office straight from the booming year of 1940, when beloved films like "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia" were released.
July 29, 2014

D23 Celebrates 23 Issues of 'Disney twenty-three' with an Around-the-World Adventure

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
To celebrate 23 issues of its collectible publication, "Disney twenty-three," D23: The Official Disney Fan Club circles the planet to experience Disney’s worlds from Europe, South America, and Asia to the fantastical fictional realms of San Fransokyo and Once Upon a Time’s Enchanted Forest. The cover of the issue features a spectacular photo mosaic with a classic image of Walt and Roy O. Disney with Margie Gay of the Alice Comedies shorts series, courtesy of images of D23 Members from around the globe.
July 23, 2014

'D23 Presents: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives' Extends Through January 4, 2015

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) is extending the run of "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives," presented by D23: The Official Disney Fan Club. Thanks to the exhibit’s popularity, guests will be able to enjoy the exhibit through January 4, 2015.
June 9, 2014

Happy 80th Anniversary, Donald Duck!

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
From the television screen and Disney Parks to just about everywhere in between, our favorite fowl Donald Duck has been quacking us up for 80 years today. And to celebrate his eight illustrious decades in entertainment, we did a little research to find some fun facts about one of the most popular Disney cartoon characters.
May 30, 2014

An Old Tale is New Again in Disney's 'Maleficent'

By Janelle Tipton, The Walt Disney Studios
Maleficent is a name that can send chills down your spine, but she’s one of the most beloved and iconic among Disney’s illustrious history of villains. With the all-new live-action adventure "Maleficent" in theaters today, audiences will discover the true nature of the Mistress of All Evil, in a fresh spin on the tale we all know and love from Disney’s 1959 animated classic "Sleeping Beauty."
May 22, 2014

Walt Disney and America's Favorite Pastime

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
Disney has had a special relationship with baseball since the early days of the Company. Walt Disney was a big fan of the sport as a spectator and even as a player, as seen in this rare photos of Walt at bat during a friendly game with employees on the land that the Ink & Paint building would eventually occupy at the old Hyperion Studios in Los Angeles, circa 1930.
May 15, 2014

Celebrating Barbara Walters' Last Week on Live Daily Television

By Disney Post Staff, The Walt Disney Company
It all began with seven simple words: “I had this idea for a show.” This week, after 17 incredible seasons, 3,811 shows and 10 different female panelists, Barbara Walters says farewell to live daily television with her final co-host appearance on "The View," the daytime program she created for ABC.
May 12, 2014

Must-See 'Haunted Mansion' Concept Artwork Materializes for D23 Disney Fanniversary 2014

By Billy Stanek, The Walt Disney Company
An ominous-looking mansion set adrift in the marshy distance? A ghastly figure hanging in the attic rafters? Ethereal organ music playing to an “empty” ballroom? A ghostly bride beckoning? These, foolish mortals, are some of the all-too-familiar experiences Disney fans have come to expect and embrace in the Haunted Mansion attraction. Debuting first at Disneyland Park during the summer of 1969, this family-friendly fright-fest has entertained Disney Parks guests for nearly half a century, leaving lasting impressions of the shared and “supernatural” experiences found within its creaking walls.