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2013 Disney Citizenship Performance Summary

In March 2012, The Walt Disney Company published a series of time-bound, measurable targets to track its Citizenship performance. The 2013 Performance Summary is our second disclosure of progress against those targets. We plan to continue to report on an annual basis so that we can track our performance year-over-year. Along with this Performance Summary, we have published stories and other performance-related information on our website providing a more frequent, relevant, and transparent view of our Citizenship efforts.

Executive Summary

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Past Citizenship Reports

2012 Disney Citizenship Performance Summary

The 2012 Performance Summary was our first disclosure of progress against our Citizenship targets published in March 2012.​

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Citizenship Targets

The Walt Disney Company published a series of time-bound, measurable targets to track its citizenship performance. The targets are an extension of Disney’s citizenship commitments and goals, which were defined and published in 2010.  Disney will release annual updates on its performance against these targets via its Citizenship Report.

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2010 Corporate Citizenship Report

Our 2010 Corporate Citizenship Report details Disney’s progress on environmental and social impacts, and includes the company’s first set of comprehensive citizenship commitments and goals. The interactive multimedia report includes coverage of eight key areas: family entertainment, inspiring kids and communities, nature conservation, environment, community, workplaces, supply chain, and human rights. An interactive map provides insights into Disney's activities around the world. The report follows the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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2009 Corporate Responsibility Data Update

Our 2009 interim data update provides data and performance updates on key areas including environment, kids health and nutrition, corporate giving, international labor standards, and workforce diversity.

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2009 Community Reports - Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
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2008 Corporate Responsibility Report

Disney’s first corporate responsibility report details the company’s approach to critical corporate responsibility issues ranging from charitable giving to nutrition and from online safety for kids to workplace diversity. The report includes Disney’s announcement of a set of strategic environmental goals and challenging 3 to 5 year targets to reduce emissions, waste, electricity and fuel use, and our impact on water and ecosystems.

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Disney Conservation Report

The Disney Conservation Report provides an overview of The Walt Disney Company’s conservation work and environmental education and engagement programs. The report highlights the company’s efforts to inspire conservation and save habitats, as well as the work of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and Disney’s Animal Programs.

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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Report on Safety

This report is a summary of safety programs across Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as of January 2008. It builds in information from our 2002 safety report and will be supplemented by ongoing updates on our web site.

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