Video Premiere: Disney’s Friends for Change Ambassadors Stand Up to Bullying

Three weeks ago, I shared a first look at a Disney’s Friends for Change Ambassador spot on leadership, featuring Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya (Shake It Up) and their time spent at a leadership academy outside Tucson, Arizona. Today, I’m excited to debut their second Friends for Change video where, together, the girls help kids just like them find their voice and stand up to bullying.

The video shares the compelling stories of young kids whom have either been bullied or witnessed a friend experiencing the same treatment. Bella also talks about her personal struggle overcoming dyslexia and the taunts of classmates. With the support of experts, the academy participants gain confidence, and learn how stand up for themselves and others.

Check it out!

Kids and families can visit to find tools and resources to end bullying in their communities.