The Walt Disney Company Recognized for Diversity Leadership

Disney employees around the world work incredibly hard to bring unparalleled entertainment experiences to guests, audiences, viewers and consumers around the globe. We have a deep commitment to foster a rich diversity of voices, perspectives and experiences—both on screen and among our workforce.

Disney was recently named one of Profiles in Diversity Journal’s—a renowned industry magazine—Diversity Leaders of 2015. This honor commends Disney for leading the way in maintaining a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace. Disney Post recently sat down with Paul Richardson, chief diversity officer, The Walt Disney Company, to talk about this recognition and what it represents for Disney.

What does this award mean for The Walt Disney Company?
Paul Richardson (PR): This award is one of many confirmations to our cast members, employees, customers, guests, fans and viewers that Disney is committed to creating a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace.

How does Disney foster its culture of diversity and inclusion?
PR: At Disney, we strive to include and attract individuals who reflect the diverse world in which we live. We also seek to ensure that our workplace is inclusive and provides the opportunity for all of our people to contribute and develop to their full potential. Having employees with a broad range of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives gives us an advantage in understanding and meeting the needs of our consumers, and this commitment serves to keep our focus on attracting, developing and retaining a diverse workforce at every level.

What does diversity mean to Disney?
PR: Diversity at Disney includes valuing diversity of thought and perspective and connecting to the unique talents, gifts, backgrounds and experiences that each individual brings. To thrive, we must fully reflect and include individuals who reflect the people and places where we do business around the globe.

What are some of the ways you see diversity playing a key role in advancing our businesses?
PR: Diversity is a pillar of our growth strategy. Our content, products, attractions and other entertainment offerings include a multitude of ideas and experiences that strive to meet the needs of the diverse global consumers, guests, fans and viewers we serve every day. Disney is committed to appealing to a broad array of audiences and reflecting the diversity of our consumers. Recent examples range from ABC being recognized by The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and NPR for the groundbreaking representation of diversity across its new fall shows, to Disney’s position among the Diversity Inc. Top 50 Companies and its 100% Score on the HRC Equality Index.