The Evolution of

Today we’re proud to give you a sneak peek of the latest redesign of — do you like it?


Well, of course we’re kidding! This beautifully designed website is what looked like in 1996, the year Disney made its debut in the World Wide Web. And in honor of its 17th anniversary this month, here’s a fun look back at Disney Online.

The launch of came with a partnership with some of the biggest players in the online world at the time — Netscape and America Online. Both platforms offered a 10-day preview period for its members, featuring different ways to experience the new

Some of the highlights of AOL’s preview (after you entered the keyword “” for those of you that remember those days) included a virtual scavenger hunt and “AOL Live! Chats” with Mickey Mouse, Buzz, Woody and Miss Piggy. Netscape added a special button on its homepage and used it to encourage people to download their new Netscape Navigator 2.0. Revolutionary, right? continued to evolve through the years — launching its most recent refresh this past October, which will continue to roll out with new features this year.

We hope you enjoy this fun photo gallery of’s evolution — how many of these do you remember?