Technology—Bringing Innovation to Disney Parks

Our Parks and Resorts have always exemplified the spirit of innovation. Much of that innovation is driven by technology to create new and exciting experiences. As technology enables greater levels of customization in our daily lives, our guests’ expectations evolve as well. Our talented Imagineers have taken beloved Disney stories and experiences and used technology to make them more social, more interactive, and even more fun. Take a look at some recent developments we’ve made with interactivity in mind:

Inside Toy Story Mania! at Tokyo Disney Sea, guests are shrunk to the size of a toy and travel through various carnival game inspired by scenes from the Pixar classic. Aboard each swiveling carnival chair is a spring-action shooter for guests to aim at various targets, ranging from bulls-eyes to Little green Aliens. Players compete for points against each other and vie to be named the top-scoring player of the day. Innovative 3D visuals with 4D special effects are used to enhance the attraction, and allow guests to experience the story from a toy’s perspective. Guests can also experience Toy Story Midway Mania! at Disney California Adventure Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

Located at the heart of Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure Park, Mickey’s Fun Wheel comes alive during World of Color. Prior to each show, guests can use their personal mobile devices to access a Wi-Fi network that leads to an interactive pre-show game. Inside the game, Mickey’s Fun Wheel becomes a giant game board as it changes colors in a specific pattern. Players compete against each other through multiple games until the start of World of Color—the winner of each game can then program the colors on Mickey’s Fun Wheel for a brief period of time.

A top-secret mission is in the works in Epcot at Walt Disney World, and Disney Channel’s Phineas & Ferb’s faithful pet Perry the Platypus, aka Agent P, needs your help! After obtaining an interactive handheld device provided by the International Gateway, guests go undercover to foil Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s evil plan. Based on Perry’s secret-agent alter-ego, Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure game takes Epcot guests throughout seven countries in World Showcase.

At Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa, the Menehune Adventure Trail leads guests on a high-tech scavenger hunt through the resort. Using a provided device, guests follow clues left by the Menehune – mischievous little people who are a part of Hawaiian legends – as they solve riddles, search for hidden statues and discover surprises. Interactive elements—with special effects involving fire, water, light and animation—offer fun for families and guests of all ages.

On Disney Cruise Line, guests can participate in a high-tech scavenger hunt of their own as they play the Mid-Ship Agency Game. That’s not the only interactive experience onboard. Animator’s Palate, an innovative dining experience on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Magic, brings the magic of Disney animation to the dinner table with a new show called “Animation Magic”. The show allows families to create and participate in a whole new way by animating guests’ drawings and magically incorporating them into the show alongside classic Disney characters.

These entertaining and captivating games make each encounter more personalized for guests, and more fun to share with their friends and families. Examples of innovative experiences like these keep Disney Parks at the cutting edge of deeply immersive, creative storytelling.