Mickey Mouse Club: Reaching New Generations 57 Years Later

Today, in honor of its 57th anniversary, we take a fond look at the Mickey Mouse Club — one of the most beloved shows in television history.

At the time the Mickey Mouse Club premiered, television was quickly becoming a staple in American homes. And it was during this time that millions of baby-boomer kids anxiously waited in front of their TV sets for the announcement that would forever become a part of their childhood: “Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse present the Mickey Mouse Club.”

Most people don’t know, however, that the Mickey Mouse Club actually began at the Fox Dome Theater in Ocean Park, California– where in-person Mickey Mouse Club meetings were held. This was an actual club where members attended Saturday meetings to participate in character-building activities and, of course, watch Mickey Mouse cartoons.

Soon, there were hundreds of Mickey Mouse clubs around the country and more than a million members at the height of their popularity. But it was not until 1955 that the original Mickey Mouse Club show hit the airwaves. After going off the air in 1959, other iterations of the show would follow in later years – one in the 1970s called the “new” Mickey Mouse Club and another one in the late 1980s that became known simply as MMC.

In addition to being a vital part of Disney and American culture, the Mickey Mouse Club continues to enjoy immense popularity. From Mickey Mouse Club merchandise, which continues to be popular at Disney theme parks and Disney Stores, to Disney Channel, which creates shows that positively influence kids — they have roots going back to the Mickey Mouse Club. If you need any more proof, have you ever wondered how many Mickey Mouse ears have been sold at our Disney parks? To date, more than 85 million around the world!

It’s amazing to see how a little club led to a cultural phenomenon that continues to touch the hearts of new generations of fans. What are some of your favorite Mickey Mouse Club memories?