Make-A-Wish and Marvel Studios Bring a ‘Black Widow’ Sound Editing Wish to Life

Together Marvel Studios and Make-A-Wish® helped bring a wish to life for Seth, who has always loved Disney movies and is a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seth lives with a blood disorder, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. Since he was young, he has dreamed of working in the industry as a sound engineer. His wish was to meet the sound team working on Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and learn more about the process of sound editing in the film industry. So, in February of 2020, Seth and his family traveled from their hometown of Roswell, Georgia, to visit The Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, California, in order to make his wish come true.

After touring the Studio lot and paying a visit to Marvel Studios’ headquarters, Seth had the opportunity to meet the sound editing team working on Black Widow. He participated in a post-production sound mixing session of the film and sat with different sound teams to learn more about how each group contributes to the audio elements of a movie scene.

“I learned how much work goes into bringing movies to life,” said Seth, as he reminisced on the most impactful aspect of his wish day with Marvel. “I gained a lot of respect for the industry.”

While in high school, working with the sound crews managing stage performances became a source of joy and continued interest for Seth, who explored his growing passion for a career in sound by pursuing a wish that gave him an inside look at this unique field. “Sound became something that I could control, and my wish gave me a chance to see the industry up close and personal,” he shared.

Inspired by the experience of his wish day, Seth—who’s now 20 years old—is studying audio production in college. He’s also currently working at Cedar Point in Ohio as an audio engineer for the summer as he prepares for a future in the sound industry. Seth continues to love live productions and he also sees the potential of working at Disney one day.

Seth was so excited to see Black Widow that he went to the first showing at his local theater. He couldn’t wait to hear the finalized sound elements in the scenes he got to work on. In honor of his experience with the sound editing team during his wish day, Seth’s name has been included in the film’s end credits as the team’s sound intern. It was a proud moment for Seth to have his friends see his name on the big screen. Due to the combined efforts of the sound editing team, Marvel Studios and Make-A-Wish, his unique wish has become an unforgettable experience that continues to inspire his career goals today.

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