Kingdom Keepers Takes Disney Fans on a Wild Ride

Summer is in full swing so it’s no surprise that families are looking for ways to keep busy. Disney Publishing bestselling author Ridley Pearson has teamed up with his fans to help him write the final book in his popular Kingdom Keepers series, Kingdom Keepers VII.

Using a special Kingdom Keepers Insider app or going to the, fans can follow along and participate as Ridley writes the book. Each week, he presents a writing challenge based on storylines from prior books in the series; fans can then chime in with original ideas for the plot line, character involvement, locations, and dialogue. Ultimately, participants can influence the outcome of the book by voting on content submitted by fellow fans.

The campaign has captured the attention of Kingdom Keepers aficionados nationwide. In only 12 weeks, more than 20,000 fans have registered on the site, with 47 percent of them in the under-13 age group. Fan feedback has also been humbling to Disney and to Ridley, including 37 five-star ratings out of 40 on iTunes, and positive comments from parents and educators.

The Kingdom Keepers Insider program is just one way Disney Publishing is engaging fans in compelling and innovative ways.

Kingdom Keepers Insider continues to grow its community of adventure-loving readers and when Kingdom Keepers VII comes out in April 2014, fans will definitely be hungry for more. Check out the phenomenon yourself at!