Hulu Launches ‘Top 15 Today’ List for Most Popular Films and TV Shows

Hulu has an extensive library of hit films and TV shows that includes The Bear, Schitt’s Creek, Only Murders in the Building, The Kardashians, Family Guy, Prey, and Modern Family. The service has so much, in fact, that viewers are always on the hunt for new shows and films to enjoy.

Now, Hulu is making it a little easier to find out which content is getting the most attention.

On Thursday, Hulu announced Top 15 Today—a collection of trending movies and TV series that will be updated daily and built off a formula that takes several factors into account, including viewership and the launching of new content.

Top 15 Today will start appearing on the Hulu homepage for subscribers beginning Thursday to help show what is trending on the service at a particular moment in time. Hulu’s entire on-demand catalog is eligible for inclusion, regardless of when the title premiered on the platform.

In order to give consumers the most up to date information, the list will be updated daily between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. PT. Separately, Hulu will continue to release performance announcements for select titles, based on views, which is total stream time divided by runtime available.

Since Top 15 Today is new to Hulu, there may be some questions on how it all comes together.

So, here’s what you need to know about the new list:

What is the Top 15 Today list?
Top 15 Today is a list of TV series and/or movie titles that are trending on Hulu on a particular day. Beginning Thursday, subscribers will see the list on their homepage.

How do you determine which titles are featured in this list?
On any given day, the list will feature 15 different TV series and/or films that are currently trending on Hulu. If multiple episodes of a series are in the top rankings, the highest episode will count towards the ultimate ranking position of the series. That way a series won’t be featured more than once in the Top 15.

By “trending,” do you just mean a list of the TV series and movies that are the most watched that day
The Top 15 equation is made up of total views at the episode level within a 24-hour period and considers the growing popularity of new shows/movies released during that time frame.

Are you leveraging the same formula you now use for specific title performance statements—which is total stream time divided by runtime available—to determine this list?
Views are a component of the Top 15 Today formula but it’s not the sole determining factor. Ultimately, the intent of the Top 15 is to show what is trending on Hulu during a particular time frame. It takes several factors into account, including viewership and new content launching.

Will Hulu’s Top 15 Today list be available on all Hulu profiles?
No. The list will not be visible on Kids’ profiles.