ESPN Radio’s Lineup Expands with This Week’s Debut of Jalen & Jacoby

ESPN’s Grantland website adds its brand to the ESPN Radio lineup with the debut of Jalen & Jacoby this week (weeknights, 7–9 p.m. ET).

The popular Grantland podcast, helmed by ESPN NBA analyst Jalen Rose and Grantland’s David Jacoby,  has evolved since it was first developed as a passion project by the duo four years ago. Their on-air chemistry and candor exists off air, too—they even vacation together.

Said Rose, the key to their professional relationship strengthening through the years is “never taking anything personal and making time to develop concepts and ideas.”

In a post on ESPN Front Row, Jacoby explains the unusual way he and Rose became an on-air duo, what the meaning is behind the show’s hashtag “#GTPWTW” and much more.