ESPN Leaders Share ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ for 2013

ESPN Front Row recently asked content executives throughout ESPN to look ahead to 2013 as well as review 2012. The Forward/Rewind snapshots showcase highlights of ESPN’s recent sports coverage, provide insights into future plans, and glimpses of the camaraderie and teamwork involved.

Below are some of the “New Year’s Resolutions” that ESPN content leaders revealed for 2013. You can read the entire series on ESPN Front Row.

NFL on ESPN (Seth Markman, senior coordinating producer): The goal for all of our NFL shows is to continue to be the place for NFL news and analysis. Beyond that, we have some younger analysts that I want to see develop on the air and become even better on television. I would also like to find ways for us to use social media even more effectively and to better communicate with people who are using multiple screens while they are watching our shows.

X Games (Phil Orlins, coordinating producer): Take the X Games to the world! 2013 is the year that the X Games expands but the change is really much more than three great new events. Our resolution is to create and distribute content across all platforms in a way that will exponentially expand the value of the X Games.

ESPN College Football (Ed Placey, ESPN senior coordinating producer): In this business you can’t make a resolution once a year. You have to always improve on your last production. So my resolutions come before the first game of every week during the season — and they are simple: Do better than our last telecast.

Soccer Production (Amy Rosenfeld, ESPN senior coordinating producer): Continue to respect the game and its fans through our top-quality production, and to do so to the very best of our abilities.


Monday Night Football (Jay Rothman, vice president, production & producer): Every year our goal is to raise the bar and make Monday Night Football (MNF) even better than the year before. We want to innovate creatively, technically, and in our overall production and presentation. We want to continue to develop Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden and Lisa Salters in their second season together. Also, we have had some creative opens for individual games, but we’d like to develop a big show open to kick off the telecast for our entire schedule.


SportsCenter (Mark Gross, ESPN senior vice president & executive producer): To live up to the responsibility SportsCenter has been given as a company priority and the expectations that come with it. In 2013 that means accelerating SportsCenter’s evolution from simply TV to a brand expanding its presence across all ESPN platforms.