Disney’s “Elena of Avalor” Praised for its Multicultural Story and Characters

Before her TV debut on Friday, July 22, Disney’s princess inspired by Latin cultures, Elena of Avalor, was recognized by millennial-targeted outlet Mic.com as, “the right girl for a multicultural world.”

Set in the enchanted fairytale land of Avalor, the series Elena of Avalor tells the story of Elena, a brave and adventurous teenager who has saved her kingdom and must now learn to rule as crown princess until she is old enough to be queen.

The series’ stories incorporate influences from diverse Latin and Hispanic cultures through architecture, traditions, food and customs. Magic, mythology, folklore and music also play an important role, with each episode featuring original songs spanning an array of Latin musical styles including Mariachi, Latin Pop, Salsa, Banda and Chilean Hip Hop.

Mic.com writes, “In casting a wide net to create a Latina Disney princess, Elena of Avalor reflects a multicultural world that is a perfect example of the way U.S. Latinos in particular have come to experience their culture and heritage.”

Take a look at the infographic below to learn where Elena of Avalor’s production crew drew their inspiration from for the series. To read the Mic.com article in its entirety, click here.