Disney Interns Share Their Success Stories

Whether you’re a current student or a recent graduate, a Disney Professional Internship is the perfect way to jumpstart your career in the field of your choice.

When you browse through DisneyCareers.com, you’ll see a variety of internships that could kick off your very own Disney story (take it from me, that’s how I got my start). But before you get started, hear from some of our interns as they share their success stories — creating Hidden Mickeys at a Disney park and designing the latest Disney Mobile game, to name a few — in the videos below.

To see what’s available now, click here — but remember, this fall a whole new slate of internship opportunities will be available. And to keep up with the latest announcements, follow the Disney Professional Internship program on Facebook and Twitter.

Which area of Disney would you like to intern for? Let us know in the comments below!