Disney Interactive’s Kelowna Studio Named Disney’s VoluntEAR Team of the Year


As we celebrate our VoluntEARS this month at the Company, we’re happy to announce that our Kelowna Studio, the headquarters for Club Penguin, was recognized as Disney’s 2013 VoluntEAR Team of the Year for the North American region.

Volunteerism is a central and enduring part of Disney’s legacy and culture. Since the program’s founding in 1987, our VoluntEARS from more than 40 countries around the world continue to give their time and expertise to brighten the lives of kids and families in need. By dedicating more than eight million hours to volunteer service, we’ve helped comfort kids during their hospital stays, participated in cleaning beaches in our communities and built countless playgrounds for families to enjoy.

In 2013, Kelowna’s team of 210 volunteers racked up more than 1,200 hours of service. Working on projects of various scope and scale, the group contributed to global initiatives like Change Heroes’ “Build a School Campaign,” where they raised $53,475 in six weeks to build schools in Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone and Ecuador. They also launched local projects at community food banks, women’s shelters, Boys and Girls Clubs and more.

Although VoluntEARing is a reward in and of itself, Disney VoluntEARs is also making a donation to one of the Kelowna team’s favorite local organizations: the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club. By coming together to complete these VoluntEAR efforts, the studio not only helped those in need, but also strengthened their bond as a team.