Disney Friends for Change Grants Help Kids Make a Difference in Communities Around the World

Disney Friends For Change has made a big impact around the planet, thanks in part to young changemakers who band together and work to meet the needs of others. Through the program, Disney has funded more than 630 youth-led service projects to date, aiding initiatives and programs that help make a lasting, positive change in the world.

As we near this year’s Global Youth Service Day (April 11–13, 2014), Disney Friends for Change is providing grants to more projects than ever before. The program, through leading organization Youth Service America, will distribute 150 grants at $500 and $1,000 in the United States for service projects taking place on or around Global Youth Service Day. Disney Friends for Change will also will also provide grants to youth-led projects in Latin America this year.

If you know a young changemaker in your community who is passionate about making a difference, get together and visit Disney.com/FriendsForChange for helpful details and information about this year’s Disney Friends for Change grants.