Disney Engages Employees to ‘Imagine What’s Next in Technology’

At Disney, we use technology every day to create better guest experiences and distribute our content. From data centers to user interface, technology is core to who we are as a company and it drives our businesses. So it’s no surprise that we’re always looking for opportunities to bring together the company’s technology experts to discuss what’s next in tech.

Recently, the Disney Technology Solutions & Services team hosted an event at our Seattle office – a west coast technology hub – called Disney Tech Talks. More than 100 people, including Disney employees and industry leaders, were invited to engage in a conversation about the future of technology.

The event allowed attendees to network and broaden their knowledge through collaboration, resulting in lots of new ideas and solutions related to technology.

Disney Tech Talks also featured two panel presentations designed to inspire participants to continue developing advanced technologies that enable our businesses to tell the company’s stories in the most innovative ways.

Hear firsthand from participants: