Disney Employee Profile: Spotlight on a Campus Recruiter

It wasn’t until I landed a Disney internship that I was able to gain professional experience working on real-life projects while going to school. It was a dream come true to spend my senior year at the University of Southern California with a company I had admired my entire life.

So who are the dream makers responsible for connecting college students to these opportunities? Meet Disney Internships and Programs Recruiter Juliana Holcombe. I recently sat down with her for an inside look at the Disney Professional Internship program.

Name: Juliana
Start of Disney Career: May 1998
Title: Recruiter, Disney Internships and Programs

How did you become a campus recruiter?
I began my Disney career with the Disney College Program after completing my junior year at Southern Methodist University. I will never forget interacting with the Disney Recruiter on my campus and the great support team in Orlando. I knew that one day I wanted to give others the same opportunity I was given. Every role I’d had at Disney, from lodging management to sales, prepared me to become a recruiter. I’ve been a part of the recruitment team for eight years, and every day I continue to learn, grow and expand my career in ways I never could have imagined.

What does a campus recruiter do?
I work with my team to create the most innovative, best in class, campus program to attract diverse and top talent, bring new generational thinking into the organization and create a pipeline of talent for current and future leadership roles.

What’s your favorite part about the role?
By far, one of my favorite parts about working with our interns is watching them grow and develop into leaders around the company. It’s a tremendous honor to know that I was a part of their journey, and it’s equally exciting to see that they can continue to tell great stories and make a difference.

Why do you think a Disney Internship is valuable for students?
I currently recruit interns for our Corporate team. The students have an incredible opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals in a variety of settings and develop cutting-edge skills that will help take their career to the next level. Our interns will be challenged with real-world business issues, complex problem solving, creative and technology projects. They also have a chance to participate in several training sessions and workshops throughout their internships, as well as have unparalleled exposure to senior leadership.

How long does the typical Disney internship last and when do you typically recruit a new class of interns?
Within Disney Internships and Programs, there are numerous options for students depending on the length of time they’d like to intern for and their location. From Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, to Corporate, ABC and ESPN to the Disney Studios, we offer between three month- and year-long internships, all of which can be viewed at DisneyInterns.com.