Disney Campus Recruitment Hosts Tech Talk Event for Students

Last month, nearly 100 students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Applied Mathematics and related fields from universities in the Southern California area were invited to take part in Disney Tech Talks, which are events that host dynamic discussions on technology trends at Disney and the general industry.

Vish Vishwanath, vice president, Technology and Data, Disney Interactive, kicked off the afternoon and welcomed the next generation of tech talent. In addition to giving an overview of his role, Vish spoke to attendees about how his team uses big data and highlighted important big data trends that are shaping the future of technology.

After the keynote lecture, participants toured the Disney Synergy Lab located in Glendale, California, and took part in a variety of technology demos. They also mixed and mingled with fellow students, along with several technology professionals from across the Company who attended the event.

Watch the video above to catch all the action from the event, and if you’re interested in Disney internship opportunities, follow the Disney Professional Internship program on Facebook and Twitter for the latest announcements.