Disney and ESPN Brazil Celebrate a Decade of Caravana do Esporte

Disney recently joined ESPN Brazil in celebrating the 10th anniversary of Caravana do Esporte (Sports Caravan), a project created in part by ESPN and managed by the Institute of Sports and Education in close collaboration with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Brazil.

The presentation included the announcement of an additional financial three-year grant from Disney to support the growing initiative bringing together teachers, athletes, institutions and sports organizations to serve the needs of children and adolescents through sports and education.


Take a behind-the-scenes look at the project in the video above and check out 10 facts about Caravana do Esporte as we celebrate its 10th anniversary.

  1. Sports Caravan was created in 2005 through a partnership between Ana Moser’s Institute of Sports and Education, ESPN Brazil and UNICEF.
  2. Disney, together with ESPN, proudly supports the initiative, providing children with the opportunity to interact with talent from Disney television networks during sports and musical activities, meet the Disney characters and attend screenings of classic Disney films.
  3. The Caravan serves the needs of children and adolescents through educational sporting events by training local teachers and educators.
  4. The project has already served approximately 2.5 million children and 30,000 teachers.
  5. Since its creation, Sports Caravan has visited 22 states and 90 municipalities in Brazil.
  6. UNICEF selects the municipalities that participate in Caravana, with consideration given to low Human Development Index (HDI) and low Infant Development Index (IDI).
  7. The methodology between HDI and IDI is applied and coordinated by the Institute of Sports and Education, and ESPN Brazil records the visits in documentaries, which are then aired by the channel.
  8. Additional groups were formed during one of the stops of the Caravana—Liderança Juvenil (Youth Leadership) with the groups Jovens Comunicadores (Young Communicators) and Jovens Ambientalistas (Young Environmentalists). Boys and girls between the ages of 15–18 were encouraged to lead other young people through values aimed at building citizenship through communication and the sustainability of the planet.
  9. To make the experience even more memorable, some of the most famous names in Brazilian sports are invited to participate as guests in the Caravan.
  10. By the end of this year, the Caravan will go through Amambaí in August, Porto da Folha in September, Conceição da Barra in October, São Paulo in November and Ribeira do Pombal.