Disney•Pixar’s ‘Monsters University’ Breaks Records in Latin America

When Disney•Pixar’s Monsters University debuted, becoming Pixar’s second-best opening weekend ever and the studio’s 14th straight No. 1 opening, Janelle gave us peek at what it took to make the film.

Since then, audiences around the world have fallen in love with it, as the film recently crossed $470 million at the global box office. Today, we’re taking a closer look at how the film was received in the Latin American region.

Monsters University became Disney•Pixar’s top animated film in Latin America with box office sales of $31.7 million over its opening weekend. When looking at specific markets within the region, it became the studio’s top film in eight different countries and across Central America. In one market, Argentina, it even broke the industry’s opening box office record. And just 10 days after its Latin American debut, the film surpassed $70 million at the box office where it continues to be popular among moviegoers.

With the debut of the film, Disney also launched a new mobile app, which features mini-games that place players on the Monsters University campus.

In the Mexican market, the studio held “A Monstrous Race” to engage fans. On the track of Mexico City’s University City, 7,000 registered runners participated in 5k and 10k races — enjoying a family Sunday that brought together more than 30,000 people. Sulley himself was even on hand during the races, and every participant brought home a commemorative medal!

While each of these products and events contribute to the success of the film, they also are a testament to the fact that Disney brings its films to life for audiences on a global scale. By deepening the connection between a story and its fans, each film truly is a memorable experience.