Class is in Session with Disney Interactive’s Family Websites

Tanya recently gave us a glimpse of some fun back-to-school products for families this season, and today, I thought I’d share share some stuff that’ll bring a little Disney magic to your child’s life as they settle in to the new school year. Here are some of those activities and tools, straight from the pages of Disney Interactive’s family websites!

On, you can find recipes, crafts and more, including how-to guides for unique classroom accessories and nutritious snacks. Disney’s leading online parenting platform, Babble, provides valuable advice, cool classroom ideas and other helpful tips for the entire family this fall semester.

Earn a little extra credit in creativity by checking out Spoonful’s back-to-school-inspired ideas. Disney-fy your child’s favorite school supplies with fun crafts, such as a Goofy pencil caddy. Make A+ lunches using healthy recipes—pocket full of rulers, to name just a few—and add a creative twist to study materials with

Hear from Babble’s parent bloggers as they share personal experiences and insight into helping children become scholars. Through Babble’s site, learn helpful safety hints, including seven ways parents can help make schools safer. And if the new school year is cause for celebration, get the 411 on how to throw the perfect classroom party on the site as well.

With all the great memories you and your family will make this season, Disney’s Story app is the perfect tool to capture and share those moments with your community, friends and family via social media.

Check back soon for additional tips and tricks for the spookiest time year.