Behind the Brush: What It’s Like to Be a Disney Parks Painter

Visiting a Disney Park is an experience like no other – there are countless things to see and do, and each one has been crafted with unparalleled creativity, attention to detail and magic. Disney Cast and Crew Members around the world care for our parks and resorts in a number of ways, each an important part of preserving and furthering the Disney legacy.

For example, have you ever wondered how an attraction like Disneyland’s King Arthur Carrousel can still sparkle and gleam like it did when the park first opened?

In a place as magical as Disneyland, it takes a special talent, a keen eye and just a sprinkling of pixie dust to keep the Resort as beautiful as ever.

In this Behind the Scenes: Cast Member Profile, part of the Disneyland series “Every Role a Starring Role,” find out how painter Alan Smith keeps old world traditions and techniques alive in hand-painting ride vehicles. These classic pieces of Disney history have stood the test of time thanks to him and the many other skilled artists and artisans who maintain the magic at our parks every day.