Behind the Scenes of ‘Sofia the First’

I had no idea how much care Disney Junior puts into the creation of its preschool TV shows until I went to ABC Little School in Van Nuys and watched Nancy Kanter, SVP of General Programming and GM of Disney Junior Worldwide, sit on the floor and read storyboards to a captivated audience of preschool girls. Take a look at this video to see all the work that goes into creating Disney Junior’s newest TV movie and subsequent series, Sofia the First.

In order to create Sofia the First, Nancy Kanter and her team conducted a ton of research, engaged curriculum development experts, tested pilot concepts and continually test EVERY episode with kids and parents. Not only does a preschool TV show have to first and foremost be entertaining and tell a good story, it also must incorporate specific learning and development themes designed for young kids.

Disney Junior’s TV movie, Sofia the First, will air on November 18, and the television series will premiere in early 2013. Find out all about the show at