An Overview of ESPN’s Digital Media Associates Program for Young Professionals

dma_0 is the place to jumpstart your job search and find careers in a variety of fields at “The Worldwide Leader in Sports.” But if you’re specifically interested in the digital media industry, ESPN’s Digital Media Associates (DMA) program might be a perfect fit for your professional aspirations.

The highly competitive program offers participants a one-of-a-kind experience. Young professionals can roll up their sleeves and gain real-world exposure to ESPN’s digital and print platforms, including editorial, mobile, video, social and creative design. They will also gain a deep knowledge and understanding of ESPN’s diverse departments and organizations.


One of the most unique parts of the DMA program is that associates can work side by side with ESPN’s senior leaders, which gives them the opportunity to learn ESPN’s intricate storytelling and development process for fans around the world.

“Past and present DMA’s have helped shape the program into a personalized experience,” Joslyn Dalton, lead manager of the program, says. “The result is a win-win for ESPN and the candidate. Identifying immediate and specific departmental needs allows us to create a unique fit for each diversely talented associate. Positioning them at these intersections is what differentiates the program.”

To learn more about the DMA program or to apply, visit ESPN Front Row.