A Fun Afternoon on the Studio Lot!

From time to time, we’ve shown you photos of some fun employee-exclusive activities that take place around the company on Disney Post, but I was a bit, well, “Sklar struck” today as I noticed a celebrity was in our midst during lunchtime on the Walt Disney Studios Lot.

Disney Legend and Walt Disney Imagineering luminary Marty Sklar made a special appearance at the Studio Store this afternoon to promote his newest book, Dream It! Do It! My Half-Century Creating Disney’s Magic Kingdoms.

Disney employees (a.k.a. Imagineering fans in disguise) gathered to meet Marty and hear anecdotes about his epic Disney journey, a grand adventure that lasted more than half a century.

Encounters and events like this make me proud to work for a company who provides its employees with wonderful opportunities to meet the individuals who shaped Disney history!