2013 Landmark Year for Disney Citizenship

At Disney, we believe that our concern for kids and families has to extend beyond their entertainment to the world around them.

Disney prospers because people take us into their hearts and homes. They have an emotional connection to our brand because of their experiences with it, so our actions as a company have to live up to the examples in the stories we tell. That is why we take seriously our obligation to produce responsible content and products, maintain respectful workplaces, invest in communities and care for our planet.

But citizenship isn’t just a responsibility we have as a corporation. It is an opportunity to connect with and inspire others. The example we set as a company of more than 175,000 is nothing compared to the impact we can have when we inspire the millions of kids and families we reach every day to take action and make a difference.

The word cloud above features some of the milestones and achievements from our 2013 Citizenship Performance Summary. It reflects the commitment of everyone at Disney to do the right thing for kids and families.

We are proud of our achievements this year and hope you will be inspired to join us in creating a brighter tomorrow.

For more about Disney’s progress against our Citizenship targets, click here.