A Better, Brighter Tomorrow

Disney is committed to strengthening communities by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most.

2016 Citizenship Data Table

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$400M Philanthropic Giving
Our Giving

In 2016, Disney gave more than 400 million to nonprofit organizations helping kids, families, and communities in need through charitable cash giving, in-kind and product contributions, and public service announcements.

23.1M Books Donated
Book Donations

Since 2012, Disney has donated 23.1 million books to schools and children.

Charitable Giving Information

For organizations seeking financial or in-kind support from Disney, ABC or ESPN, please review the Charitable Giving Guidelines:

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For conservation organizations seeking a grant from the Disney Conservation Fund please click here:

Learn About the Disney Conservation Fund

For organizations seeking complimentary tickets, Disney rewards eligible US nonprofit organizations with complimentary Disney parks tickets for hosting family-friendly volunteer projects. Eligible organizations can earn up to 20 Disney Park tickets per calendar year, and volunteer projects can benefit the organization directly or support another community program or need. Learn more about tickets and register here:

Complimentary Tickets

2.9M Hours of Service
Disney VoluntEARS

Our VoluntEARS have contributed 2.9 million hours of service since 2012. By 2020, it is our goal to contribute more than five million hours of employee community service.

16.3M Lives Impacted
Impacting Lives

Since 2012, our citizenship efforts have positively impacted more than 16.3 million children and families through programs like the Disney Hospital Care Package program.

Strengthen Communities

We believe in strengthening communities by providing hope, happiness, and comfort to kids and families who need it most.

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Live Healthier

We are committed to creating healthier generations, and we believe that inspiring healthier lifestyles today will create a brighter tomorrow.

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Think Creatively

Disney is committed to building creative thinking skills to inspire kids to create the future they imagine.

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Conserve Nature

At Disney, we are protecting the planet and connecting kids with the magic of nature to inspire hope for the future of the planet and a desire to preserve it.

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