A Commitment to the Planet

At Disney, we are committed to using resources wisely and protecting the planet as we operate and grow our business. We conserve nature and inspire kids and families to join us in caring for our planet.

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34% Reduced Emissions
Reducing Emissions

In 2015, we have successfully reduced our net emissions by 34%. By 2020, we aim to reduce net emissions by 50%.

49% Waste Diverted
Waste Diversion

In 2015, we diverted 49% of waste from landfills and incineration. By 2020, we aim to divert 60% of waste.

Water Conservation

We are committed to maintaining potable water consumption at 2013 levels at existing sites by 2018, and developing water conservation plans for new sites.

52M Experiences in Nature
Kids + Nature

We know that conserving nature begins with spending time in nature. Since 2012, we have connected 52 million kids and families with nature experiences provided through grants to nonprofit organizations via the Disney Conservation Fund as well as guest experiences at our Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

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400+ Species Protected
Disney Conservation Fund Projects

DCF has helped protect more than 400 species, including elephants, butterflies, and coral reefs, through its annual conservation grants.

$40M+ Awarded for Conservation
Total Conservation Funding

To date, the DCF has given more than $40 million to conserve wildlife and wild places through its annual conservation grants program.

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Conservation Funding

The wellbeing of people is deeply connected to the health of the planet. That’s why the Disney Conservation Fund grants support projects with a holistic approach to conservation – blending both scientific research and community engagement to protect wildlife and their habitats.

To date the fund has awarded more than $40 million to projects in 115 countries through its annual grants program.

Please review eligibility criteria for our Annual Conservation Grants program. Submit an inquiry form by the deadline — no invitation code is required for this step. Projects that are a good fit for our criteria will be provided with additional details to submit a full application.

Annual Grants Eligibility Criteria

The Disney Conservation Fund provides support to organizations helping animals during emergencies and natural disasters through its Rapid Response Fund.

The awards are capped at $5,000 and can be applied for throughout the year. Past examples of support include firefighting equipment to control wildfires in orangutan habitat and veterinary care for endangered turtles rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

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Annual Conservation Grants

Organizations interested in applying for an Annual Conservation Grant:

Please review eligibility criteria for our Annual Conservation Grants program. Submit an inquiry form to Corp.Conservation@disney.com by the deadline- no invitation code is required for this step. Projects that are a good fit for our criteria will be provided with additional details to submit a full application.

Rapid Response Fund

Organizations interested in applying for a Rapid Response Fund Grant:

Please review criteria for our Rapid Response Fund program. Send an email to Corp.Conservation@disney.com to share an overview of your emergency situation and receive additional details.


Disney Conservation Heroes

If your organization has ever received a Disney Conservation Fund grant, then you are eligible to nominate a Disney Conservation Hero. Heroes are local people who are deeply involved in conservation and have helped advance conservation in their communities.

For more information, contact Corp.Conservation@Disney.com

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