May 29, 2014

Celebrating Disney VoluntEARS Around the World

By Cynthia Momdjian, The Walt Disney Company
Summer has arrived (at least in my part of the world!), and there’s no better time to get outside and enjoy the weather, especially while giving to your community. That’s exactly what hundreds of Disney employees are doing right now in their own respective areas and countries through our Disney VoluntEARS program. To kick off the season, here’s a peek at some recent Disney VoluntEARS projects and events happening around the world. Hopefully they’ll inspire you, your colleagues, friends and family to roll up your sleeves and enjoy the warm weather—all in an effort to make a positive impact in your neighborhood and city.
November 18, 2013

International Roundup: Disney in Latin America

By Cynthia Momdjian, The Walt Disney Company
Every time I enter a Disney park, I always keep a lookout for some very familiar faces—Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto. And when I hear of their appearances at special events and engagements around the world, I’m just as excited to see them bring smiles and happiness to some of their biggest fans. That’s why I’m especially thrilled to share the latest Disney happenings overseas today, as it features the Fab Five’s trip down South… all the way to Argentina!
October 17, 2012

Disney VoluntEARS - Making a Difference in Communities Around the World

By David Gill, The Walt Disney Company

As a Disney VoluntEAR, I’m often asked how many of my co-workers participate in VoluntEAR events. The answer: tens of thousands. That’s right! Because the Disney family is a global family, we have opportunities to make a difference in communities all over the world.

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