Shareholder FAQs

Disney Shareholder Accounts
Q: How do I access my Disney Shareholder Account?

A: To access your Disney Shareholder Account, click here. Please note that you will be leaving to access your account information. You will be required to register as a user on the system to access your shareholder information.

Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Q: When and where was the 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders?

A: The meeting was held on Thursday, March 12, 2015 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco, California.

Q: Can I still listen to audio from the meeting?

A: Yes, an archive of the meeting can be found at

Q: Where can I view the picture of me taken at the meeting?

A: Photos taken at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders can be found on

Disney Stock
Q: Can I buy or sell stock directly through Disney?

A: You can buy and sell shares through Disney's Shareholder Portal (certain fees and minimums apply).

Q: Where are your shares traded?

A: Disney common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Q: What is the ticker symbol?


Q: What is the CUSIP number?

A: 254687106

Q: When did Disney declare the most recent dividend payment?

A: The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors declared a cash dividend of $0.66 per share for the first six months of fiscal 2015. Disney will begin paying dividends on a semi-annual basis rather than once a year.

Q: When are you paying the second dividend payment? Will it be in December or January? Will it also be $0.66 cents?

A: We have not announced either the timing or amount of the second dividend payment.

Q: Does the 15% increase referenced in the press release imply that you are paying $1.32 total dividend this year?

A: No. All we announced is a $0.66 cents per share dividend payment, and that we will begin paying dividends on a semi-annual basis.  If you take the $1.15 per share paid for last year and divide by 2, you’ll get 57.5 cents.  The $0.66 cents is 15% above half of last year’s actual dividend payment.  We have not said that this year’s total dividend payment will be $1.32.

Q: When was Disney's most recent dividend paid?

A: The Walt Disney's Company most recent dividend is payable July 29, 2015 to all shareholders of record July 6, 2015.

Q: I am enrolled in the Disney Investment Plan and want to know when my dividends reinvested?

A: The reinvestment of your dividends will be completed within five business days of the dividend payment date.

Q: If I am not enrolled in the Investment Plan, how will my dividend be paid?

A: The dividend is paid by check or may be directly deposited into a bank account. Most domestic banks and financial institutions allow for direct deposit. For more information regarding direct deposit, you can access your account online at or you can contact us at our toll free number: 1-855-55-DISNEY (1-855-553-4763). Although the amount of your dividend may be negligible, we encourage you to keep your account up to date by cashing your check. There are abandoned property laws that require us to remit dividends and stock holdings for inactive accounts.

Q: I never received my dividend check, how do I request a replacement?

A: Please allow the post office at least 10 mailing days to deliver your check. If you did not receive your check by August 10, 2015, you can request a replacement by accessing your account online at or you can contact us at our toll free number: 1-855-55-DISNEY
(1-855-553-4763). Please note there is a fee to replace dividend checks.

Q: How can I have my dividend reinvested?

A: Dividend reinvestment is offered through The Walt Disney Investment Plan. You may request enrollment materials online at or you can contact us at our toll free number: 1-855-55-DISNEY (1-855-553-4763).

Stock Split History
Q: When has Disney stock split?


Record DatePayable DateAmountClosing,
Pre-Split Price
June 19, 1998
April 20, 1992
February 10, 1986
December 6, 1972
February 4, 1971
October 26, 1967
August 17, 1956
July 9, 1998
May 15, 1992
March 5, 1986
January 15, 1973
March 1, 1971
November 15, 1967
August 20, 1956
3 for 1
4 for 1
4 for 1
2 for 1
2 for 1
2 for 1
2 for 1
$152 7/8
$142 5/8
$214 1/2
$177 3/4
Not Available
Shareholder Benefits
Q: Do you have a shareholder benefit program?

A: No, we do not have a shareholder benefit program.

Financial Publications
Q: How can I obtain a copy of your Annual Report?

A: If you would like a hard copy of Disney's Annual Report, you may order it through our Financial Request Form. You may order one copy of each available document; please allow four to six weeks for delivery. You may also click here to access our Annual Reports online.

Q: How can I obtain SEC documents such as a prospectus, a 10-K, or a 10-Q?

A: SEC documents are accessible on the Internet by clicking here.

Disneyland Paris (Euro Disney Stock)
Q: How do I receive financial information regarding Euro Disney?

A: The French company Euro Disney S.C.A., parent company of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., operator of Disneyland Resort Paris has its own investor relations department and a dedicated Shareholders Club.

To obtain financial information about Euro Disney or Disneyland Resort Paris, you should contact:

Euro Disney S.C.A. Shareholders Club
BP 100-F-77777
Cedex 4
Phone: 011-331-6474-5630*
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday, Paris time
Fax : 011-331-6474-5636
Email :


* Note: You must be 18 or older, or have the permission of your parent or guardian to dial this number.

Q: Where can I locate a quote on Euro Disney stock?

A: The most recent Company news and the share quotation are also available on the corporate website

From any browser, we invite you to launch a search on EDLPA, you will find the stock quote next to Euro Disney, Euronext Paris stock market (SRD), ISIN FR0000125874.

Historical Financial Information
Q: Where can I find Historical Financial Information?

A: On this website you can access the latest -- as well as historical -- annual report, proxy statement and earnings press releases.

Shareholder Replacement Checks
Who should I contact regarding replacement checks?

A: For information related to a replacement check, please visit the shareholder portal by clicking here.

Transfer Agent
Q: Who is the transfer agent?

A: Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions (“Broadridge”) is now the Stock Transfer Agent and Registrar for The Walt Disney Company.

Written Inquiries:
Disney Shareholder Services
c/o Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
P.O. Box 1342
Brentwood, NY 11717

Overnight Mail:
Disney Shareholder Services
c/o Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions
1155 Long Island Avenue
Edgewood, NY 11717

Window Service:
400 North Brand Blvd., Suite 900
Glendale, CA 91203

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time


Adjusted Cost Basis
Q: How can I determine my adjusted cost basis for my investment, especially if I had dividend reinvestments?

A: Click here to access a tool that will assist you in calculating your adjusted cost basis. You will need your annual plan statements to utilize this tool. If you do not have your historical statements, please contact Disney Shareholder Services.

Q: What is XBRL?

A: XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is an XML-based language for the electronic transmission of business and financial data. XBRL data, also referred to as "interactive data" by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), does not change accounting standards or methods used for financial and business reporting; it is an electronic filing format for annual and quarterly reports that is supplemental to existing formats (ASCII or HTML).

Q: How do I view an XBRL document?

A: The XBRL exhibits provided on The Walt Disney Company's investor relations website are available for download through a zip file and may be viewed by importing them into an XBRL viewer application of your choice.

XBRL documents can also be viewed in a web-friendly format through the SEC's Interactive Financial Report Viewer. To view Disney's company filings in interactive format, click on the "Interactive Data" link, where available, on the Disney filing section of the SEC website.