Environmental Stewardship

Encouraging Innovation

Disney reduces environmental impact through innovations, such as the trains at Disneyland Resort which run on biodiesel made with cooking oil from the resort’s restaurants and hotels.

Protecting Ecosystems

Since 2009, Disney has invested $48 million in carbon offset projects globally, most of which involve forest conservation, reforestation and forest management.

Lending a Hand

Disney cast members and employees, including this team working on the coast of Port Canaveral, Florida, give back around the world to help the environment.


Minimizing Waste

Recycling at our parks is an important part of our approach to Disney's long-term goal of zero waste.


Conserving Water

In 2009, Disneyland Resort was recognized with California’s highest and most prestigious environmental honor for water conservation efforts used in the World of Color attraction.

Helping Animals in Need

A veterinarian at Disney’s Animal Kingdom performs a routine checkup on a sea turtle. Guests can watch animals get health checks, talk with veterinarians and learn about wildlife tracking from scientists studying sounds and behaviors of wild animals.


Our commitment to environmental stewardship focuses on using resources wisely and protecting the planet as we operate and grow our business. Current scientific findings indicate that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are required to avert accelerated climate change. Scarcity of natural resources and threats to ecosystems and biodiversity are serious environmental issues. Recent events, from extreme weather to severe droughts, illustrate the severe consequences and devastating impacts of climate change. These challenges demand fundamental changes in the way society, including businesses, uses natural resources.