CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Saving African Elephants Wildlife Conservation Society - We are proud of the work the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has accomplished with Disneys support over the past five yearsparticularly our forest surveys of Kenyas elephants, which have helped strengthen elephant conservation policies throughout the country. Previously, Kenya faced challenges protecting its forest-dwelling elephant populations, but with Disneys support, WCS has helped address this critical conservation issue. We have also worked closely with partners to promote habitat connectivity and reduce human-elephant conflict. Disneys partnership has proved critical in sustaining our long-term commitment to protecting Kenyas elephants in the face of increasing threats to their survival. Tim Tear, Ph.D.Executive Director, Africa Program, Wildlife Conservation Societyopposite and pages 8687: African elephants fitted with GPS radio collars deliverdata showing the best natural locations to provide elephant crossings.