THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - Cheetah Conservation Botswana Livestock Guarding Dogs Program - Disney Conservation Funds support of our livestock guarding dog initiative has made it possible for our community members to live together with wildlife. I would like to share a quote from one of our recipients, Ms. Puisano Mosimanewakgang, which I think says it all: After receiving a livestock guarding dog from CCB [Cheetah Conservation Botswana], my conflict has stopped; we are now well aware of wildlife in our area and are coexisting peacefully with them.Connie King Modise Farming for Conservation Officer, Cheetah Conservation Botswanaopposite:Cheetahs on the lookout. Trained dogs help discourage them from an easy meal of domestic livestock.pages 8283: Disney Conservation Heroes are awarded for their dedication to furthering conservation efforts intheir communities.