CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Grevys Zebra Trust Grevys Zebra Conservation Outreach, Kenya - The Disney Conservation Funds support has made our dream come true of expanding the Grevys Zebra Trusts programs into remoteareas of northern Kenya where little is known about the wildlife species in this vast landscape. Working with warriorswho monitor zebra and raise awareness about conservation in the communityhas become a very enriching experience for me personally.Warriors are individuals with determination to accomplish a lot despite the harsh environment.On behalf of the communities that I come from, there is no better way of saying thank you to the Disney Conservation Fund than to devote my time and life working with these warriors to save our diminishing heritage for current and future generations.Peter LalampaaField Director, Grevys Zebra Trust opposite:Grevys Zebra Warrior Dominic Leparnat collecting data on a Grevys zebra herd in Samburu, Kenya.