THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - The Marine Mammal Center Hawaiian Monk Seal Conservation and Education Program, The Disney Conservation Fund helped The Marine Mammal Centerlaunch its Hawaiian monk seal hospital and education center, KeKai Ola, in 2014. The program has grown every year. Since opening the center in Kona, we have successfully rehabilitated twenty-eight Hawaiian monk seals (a majority of which were young pups thatotherwise would not have survived) and launched and expanded a range of community outreach and education programs. We are now getting hundreds of residents, visitors, and schoolchildren involvedin caring for Hawaiian monk seals and the ocean that both humans and seals depend on. The centers Hawaiian Monk Seal Conservation and Education Program and the efforts of its partners are key to the survival of this endangered species, found only in Hawaii.Claire Simeone, DVM Director, Hawaiian Monk Seal Conservation Programopposite:A Hawaiian monk seal rests after her health assessment was performed by experts at the Marine Mammal Center. The satellite tag, NOAA permit #18786, on her back will monitor her movements in the wild.