CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - University of Manitoba/Purple Martin Conservation Association Migratory Songbird Conservation in Brazil - We work with the purple martin, a long-distance migratory swallow that travels up to 13,640 miles (or 22,000 kilometers) annually between North and South America. Like other species of aerial insectivore (birds that feed on insects while on the wing), martin populations are declining steeply for reasons not well understood. Determining the causes of this decline and conserving migratory animals that have such large ranges poses a unique challenge. The Disney Conservation Fund has been instrumental in helping us successfully meet this challenge. With their support, we have developed a truly international team, from Canada to Brazil, that conducts research, outreach, and education activities across the vast range the purple martins cover. With Disneys support, we have been able to use new tracking technologies to discover important migratory routes and habitat required by martins across the Americas, as well as get people of all ages interested in the flights and plight of this amazing bird.Kevin Fraser, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Department of Biological SciencesUniversity of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada opposite:Purple martins at a breeding colony, before their migratory journeys to Brazil.