THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - Santa Barbara Zoological Foundation California Condor Nest Guarding Program - The support of the Disney Conservation Fund has enabled us to grow andadapt our nest guarding program in response to the changing needs of thereintroduced condor population. Our partnership has contributed to anumber of important California Condor Recovery Program milestones. For instance, in 2015 we were able to share with the public, for the first time ever, a livestream of a wild condor nestfrom deep within the backcountry. And in 2016 we achieved for the first time positive wild population growth across the entire reintroduction program, which began in 1992. Two years later, in 2018, we had a record-breaking number of nests in Southern California, and had the first successful fledge of a wild condor chick in Santa Barbara County since 1982. These and our other achievements would not have been possible without the steadfastpartnership of Disney.Estelle Sandhaus, Ph.D. Director of Conservation & Science, Santa BarbaraZoological Foundationopposite:Condor 326 was the first in the reintroduction program to fledge in the wild.