THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - Action for Mantas (The Manta Trust) Manta Conservation and Capacity Building - One of the most challenging aspects of conservation is finding support to employ local individuals. In projects like this one, engaging directly with local stakeholders is of utmost importance, and having passionate local project leaders is absolutely critical to the projects success. Funding from the Disney Conservation Fund has allowed us to transition students that participate in our capacity-building program into leadership positions where they can take a more direct role in working with the community to translate the science we produce into conservation action. Its impossible to understate how important the consistency of this support has been in maintaining a presence in the community and therefore advancing our conservation goals. Joshua Stewart, Ph.D.Associate Director, The Manta Trustopposite:With support from DCF, The Manta Trust and partner organizations are working to improve the conservation outlook of this threatened species by working directly with local stakeholders to reduce entanglement in fishing gear and collisions with speedboats.