CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - ZSL America Thames European Eel Conservation Project - The critically endangered European eel has been undertaking its incredible migration across the Atlantic for more than forty million years, but recently the numbers arriving into European rivers have declined. Those that do arrive face barriers such as damns and weirs that stop them from accessing upstream habitat. The Disney Conservation Fund has provided incredible support to the Zoological Society of Londons (ZSLs) European eel project, enabling us to take another step towards a world where wildlife thrives and where specifically eel passes are being built that reconnect broken migratory pathways in the river Thames and its tributaries that open up more habitat to the eel. Citizen science volunteers from local communities are trained to gather vital information as the eels migrate through these passes. By doing so, with the Disney Conservation Funds generous support, we are nurturing the development of the next generation of conservationists, helping us to bring people closer to wildlife.Joe PecorelliZSL Conservationistopposite:ZSL citizen scientists working closely to protect the critically endangered European eel.