THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - The Lion Recovery FundQWildlife Conservation Networks Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) drives investments to game-changing actions by funding effective, vetted partners who work collaboratively to increase lion populations. It targets site-based results on the ground supporting protected area management and community-based conservation solutions, plus focuses on campaign strategies that build public, political, and philanthropic engagement. The practical plan to save lions involves expanding their lands, connecting their home ranges, and protecting them through stronger ranger networks, as well as collaborating with people who are sharing the land with lions. In Chad, the LRF is enabling a major survey of lions and prey species with the organization African Parks that will guide the future management and conservation efforts for the park and encourage decision-makers to protect the areas of land with the largest remaining wildlife populations. In Zambia, the LRF supports the Zambian Carnivore Programme and Conservation South Luangwa as both tackle the twin threats of snaring and human-wildlife conflict by leading anti-poaching patrols, outreach, and education efforts to improve livestock management to prevent both human-lion and human-elephant conflict. These are just two of the many programs LRF is supporting across the continent of Africa.The Lion Recovery Fund has a vision to restore lions across Africa, and Disneys powerful storytelling is a perfect way to further these efforts. Wildlife Conservation Network was proud to collaborate with Disney onThe Lion King to inspire people around the world to bring lions roaring back.Charles KnowlesFounder, Wildlife Conservation Networkopposite:More than eighty participants attended the Lion Footprint Forum at the Walt Disney World Resort in May 2019.