CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Protecting the PrideQThe jarring truth is that the world has lost half of its lion population since 1994the sameyear the original The Lion King was released. As a demonstration of Disneys long-standing commitment to education and conservation, the company wanted to support the efforts being made to keep lions alive . . . and at the very least keep their numbers steady. As human population growth and development rise across Africa, lions increasingly face threats from the bushmeat trade, poaching, conflicts with humans, and loss of habitat, as land is converted for agriculture and infrastructure usage. Today, only about twenty thousand lions remain, but there is still an opportunity to bring lions back and help safeguard the diversity of wildlife across the African savanna, preserving thriving habitats for both animals and people. In celebration of the release of Disneys The Lion King in 2019, The Walt Disney Company announced a global conservation campaign to raise awareness and support the dwindling lion population across Africa. The Lion King Protect the Pride campaign focused on stabilizingand revitalizing their numbers, with Disney lending its support to the Wildlife Conservation Networks (WCNs) Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) and their vision to double the lion population across Africa by 2050 through efforts that engage communities to ensure a future for African wildlife and their habitats. Through direct donations and the generosity of fans and Guests, Disney contributed $3 million to the Lion Recovery Fund through the campaign. This donation marked the largest single contribution in the history of the Disney Conservation Fund, which had already invested $13 million specifically to protect African wildlife spanning more than thirty countries. To kick off The Lion King Protect the Pride campaign, Disney and the WCN assembled eighty of the worlds leading lion conservation experts from eighteen countries representing more than fifty organizations to participate in the Lion Footprint Forum at the Walt Disney World Resort. During the meeting in May 2019the first of its kind in twenty yearsparticipants collaborated to develop strategies to address the challenges impacting lion populations and help ensure a future for the species, as well as other wildlife across Africa. Resulting ideas and project proposals will be considered for support through the LRF. Additional information about the LRFs lion conservation efforts may be found at lion perched in a tree in Uganda.