THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - The Birth of theDisney Conservation Fundand Disneys Animal KingdomQThe legacy of conservation awareness that Walt Disney established with his True-Life Adventures series entered a dynamic phase in 1989, when Disney Imagineers began exploring the idea of creating a theme park focused on celebrating animals at the Walt Disney World Resort. The following year Chairman Michael Eisner green-lighted development of a basic plan by Imagineer Joe Rohde that included a theme park, an Epcot-style pavilion, and a nontraditional zoo/safari experience. Disneys Wild Animal Kingdom, as Eisner dubbed it on the spot, would use theater and storytelling to celebrate wildlife and the emotional connection between people and animals. And from opening day, Disney Guests, inspired by their experiences at Disneys Animal Kingdom, could add a personal contribution at merchandise locations around the park to join Disney in protecting wildlife and wild places through the Disney Conservation Fund.opposite:Macaws take flight around the Tree of Life at Disneys Animal Kingdom.The tree serves as the iconic centerpiece for the park.