CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - If Disneynature films are used right, they will give kids an interest, a fascination, so they will want to find out more. Once kids are motivated, nothing will stop them.Jane Goodall, Ph.D., DBE Founder of the Jane Goodall Instituteand United Nations Messenger of PeaceKey thing about conservation is we need local people to care about what they have in their backyard, and these Disneynature supported projects are tying into communities around the world. We are not separate from nature, we are part of it, and Disneynature always reminds ussave nature, live better.M. Sanjayan, Ph.D. Television host and CEO, Conservation International above:Drs. Jane Goodall and M. Sanjayan discuss conservation while in the forest locationof a Disneynature shoot in Sri Lanka.opposite:The global impact of Disneynature films, in collaboration with the Disney Conservation Fund.